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White Chocolate + Cranberry

by on Dec.02, 2013, under Uncategorized

For Thanksgiving, I made these pretty and creamy white chocolate and cranberry cheesecake bars. (It was amazing to break away from mama duties and spend some time in the kitchen. So therapeutic! Plus, it reminded me that there are other things in life I am capable of doing outside of nursing.)

I’m not a big fan of white chocolate (too sweet for me!), which is probably why I only ate one or two bars and then threw in the towel. It was a logical alternative to eating pumpkin pie, because, like most people, I’m thoroughly pumpkined out by the time Turkey Day rolls around.

Hope you got fabu bargains and oodles of leisure time this holiday weekend, and gorged yourself on desserts like this.

Of course, we counted our blessings as we celebrated our little turkey’s first Thanksgiving…

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