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Three Months and a Nursery

by on Jan.14, 2014, under Uncategorized

Jassy just turned three months—she’s so big… yet still so small!

This little girl can do so much: Stuff her hands in her mouth, “talk” for hours on end (especially in the middle of the night!), grab a rattle, hold her head up on her own, and cough at will—just because she feels like it. She can’t roll over yet, but I feel like it’s coming any day now.

At the moment, we’re battling Jasper Rae’s first cold. Let me tell you, nothing is sadder than seeing your baby sniffle and cough. Hopefully this cold blows over soon…

And here’s a quick shot of Jassy’s nursery. We’re not quite finished decorating it. Plus, a few items that would ordinarily be in the nursery are in our bedroom instead (Jassy’s temporary digs, just until she starts sleeping through the night). I’ll post better shots once the nursery is finished… when she’s 10 or so.

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  • Mo Metheny

    Ah, Jas gets cuter every day! hope she feels better soon…….lovely nursery — remember that rug 🙂

  • Grouchy Gertrude

    Beautiful and so much fun now. She can talk, smile at you and respond to my babbling. Very inquisitive eyes.
    Oh…I am so in love with Jassy.

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