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The Ultimate Gift Basket

by on Jun.19, 2011, under Other Lovelies

My bestie’s folks gave us a wonderful gift a few weeks ago – a drop-dead gorgeous picnic basket filled to the brim with edible goodies, wine, wine glasses, champagne, champagne glasses, appetizer plates, cheese knives, placemats, flowery napkins, candles, and more.

We’ve already eaten many of the goodies; what you see in the photo is only half of what the basket came with!

I was blown away by the eye-poppingness of this present. Thanks a million, Don and Donna! You two are beyond sweet.

So if you’re looking for a fab gift to give someone that has that “wow” factor, look no further. You can snatch up your own picnic basket at Pier 1 Imports, where this pretty lady came from. And all the goodies? Take a trip to Trader Joe’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond or even TJ Maxx.

I’ve been dying to put this thoughtful gift to good use.

All I need is a scenic patch of grass and a warm, breezy day…

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Julio

    That is one loaded basket! All you would really need to add is a bottle of tabasco sauce and the patch of green grass! love it.

  • susanjeafre

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