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The Best Mediterranean Appetizer You’ll Ever Have

by on May.11, 2012, under Food & Cocktails

Trios of anything are ultra exciting.

Whether it’s a flight of salsa or wine or beer or hors d’oeuvres, it just feels generous. And it’s suspenseful: With so many options, it promises that each savory taste could be different from the last, depending on which item you choose to savor first and the order in which you do it.

Example: This trio of Mediterranean dips blew my mind when it was served to my beau and me at a restaurant in Bermuda.

The greatest part about this appetizer was that it was free! No, really! It was served as a humdrum, ordinary complimentary bread basket with spread.

But there’s nothing humdrum about this dish!

It’s a simple threesome of hummus, olive oil with zest of lemon, and roasted garlic served with bread.

To make, just buy (or whip up, if you’re a kitchen all-star) good-quality hummus.

Then, pour olive oil into a dish and zest one lemon over the top.

To roast garlic, read this. (It’s easy: Just bake a de-skinned, oiled-up head of garlic for 45 minutes at 400 degrees.)

Serve with delicious bread!

I saw other diners in the restaurant spread on one or two dips at a time, but we found that spreading all three on at once was outta this world.

It’s life-changing!

Be sure to enjoy with cool white wine in a sunset-kissed backyard, if you have one. (I don’t.) 

…I guess a balcony, front porch, alley, forest or anywhere with room to eat works too!

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