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‘White Trash’ Pooch Party: Purnie Turns 10

by on Apr.08, 2013, under Parties & Gatherings

Purnie, our little fishy bundle of snorts, isn’t so little anymore.

This past Saturday, he turned the big 1-0.

In dog years he’s a senior citizen, but he’s a lively guy and you really can’t tell he’s a day past five.

Since toilet papering our home is his favorite hobby—and apparently his favorite afternoon snack, as evidenced by chomped up nuggets of TP—we gave him a “White Trash” themed birthday celebration. I hung a mobile made of TP and beer cans from the ceiling—yep, beer is another favorite snack of his—and dished him up a scoop of doggie ice cream and a few licks of Budweiser.

Purnie even got to play with the TP after the mobile came down! Only this time, he didn’t get in trouble for it.

Happy birthday, Purnie Ernie.

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