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Summer Garden Pasta

by on Jul.14, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

I took time off from slaughtering pigs and biting the rumps off of cattle to cook something out of the ordinary: a vegetarian dish.

That’s right: a VEGETARIAN dish.

It’s completely out of character for me because I love animal meat – in fact, it’s a requirement for every meal I devour.

Vegtables are always an afterthought: If I happen to remember, I’ll throw in a few pieces of broccoli or mushroom into whatever meat slop-coction I’m making. But for the most part, my recipes are ruled by flesh.

It’s sad. My husband-in-training begs for veggies at every meal, and usually I don’t deliver. (Not counting the easy-make salad drizzled with dressing.)

But this time I did.

Oh, I delivered… MAJORLY.

I tossed up this summer garden pasta, only because I saw Giada do something similar just hours before on the Food Network. (I loves me some Giada!)

I boiled spinach pasta and tossed it with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, broccoli, toasted pecans and feta.

I really wanted to add chicken breast or chopped bacon, but I stopped myself. I thought I owed it to society to try this vegetarian thing at least once.

It was fresh, light and filling… and shockingly, I didn’t want to tear into a double burger afterward.

I have to admit: Veggie-packed meals can be pretty tasty… every blue moon.

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Summer Lovin’

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Other Lovelies

My day job kept me overly busy this week, which left me zero time to make Manwiches or frolic with farm animals.

So I thought I’d share what has inspired me these past few days. They’re my two new loves: a funky swimsuit (called a “monokini”) and retro-ish orange-and-gold-heeled sandals.

These girly indulgies remind me that it’s summer – yay! – a time when the clock slows, clothes get lighter and drinks grow taller.

Hope your summer is easy and bright, wherever you are.

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American Cocktail: Cranberry-Cream Cooler

by on Jun.29, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

Since July Fourth is days away, I thought I’d do a test run of my first ever patriotic cocktail.

But first, I’d need a spunkified drink accessory that screams “PATRIOTIC!” or “AMERICAN!” or “YANKEE DOODLE!”

So I bolted to Target and bought a shiny blue-wheel-turny-summer-majigger. Whatever that wind thing is called.

I know – I’m so cheesy, I get sick of myself sometimes.

About this cocktail: I concocted it without a recipe, without any good ingredients on hand, and without a doubt, the biggest mixer stick ever used. (So glad I bought that wind thing!)

So what’s in my drink? (continue reading…)

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