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Spooky Wooky H’ween Pumpkin Truffles

by on Oct.30, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

I made these little effers for my daughter’s Halloween party at school. I’m pretty proud of them! They’re white chocolate pumpkin truffles. The red decorating gel adds jarring, unneeded sweetness, but the rest of the truffle tasted pretty good.

Think a bunch of two-year-olds appreciated the delicate artistry of my work? (I know, I’m Duff Freaking Goldman from “Ace of Cakes” because I was able to squirt on some eye veins. I’m convinced I should open my own bakery because I can buy the right ingredients and follow a recipe without mucking it up.)

Nope, the kids didn’t give these truffles a second look! Not scared, not impressed… nothing.

I really need to warm up to less time-consuming desserts and apps for my munchkin’s parties. She and her little friends are just as happy eating crap store-bought cookies—or their own boogers, even.

But it was a fun little dessert project.

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