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Lusty October

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Quirky Places

This picture would really capture October's aura if it was taken at nightfall, oak trees lurked in the background (not a tropical palm), and candles flickered between the pumpkins. That'd be dreamy.

October is the most romantic month of the year.

The weather dips, food turns creamier and cozier, and the world gets colored in toasty hues.

And don’t forget about those chesty gourds. Ahh, yes…

Pumpkins are at the heart of October’s lusty, candlelit drama.

As the plump, pushy mascots of October, they rouse you to eat harvest foods and carve jack-o-lanterns. And they remind you that in a few short weeks, rugrats will be banging on your door, asking for free candy.

Which is fine, because lounging on the couch watching “Dracula” and occasionally getting up to chuck candy at tiny monsters and fairies sounds like a blast to me.

Here’s to a sultry October, filled with thick red wine, dark chocolate and spicy pumpkin anything…

That's more like it.

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Pumpkin Gooey Butter Crunch Cake… or Is It Pie?

by on Oct.19, 2010, under Food & Cocktails

I’m not sure what makes a baked good a “pie.” A gooey filling? The inclusion of crust?

This dessert uses cake mix as the crust, so it could be considered cake. But the filling is oozy like pie. 

Plus, I baked it in a tart tin, instead of a rectangular pan,  to give it pretty scalloped edges and a round shape.

So is it pie or cake?

Eh, who cares?!

It still tastes like buttery, crunchy pumpkin heaven. 

The recipe is adapted from Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes.

I threw in walnuts to give it more texture. And I made a few changes to the ingredient amounts, in an attempt to save my arteries and keep my blood sugar at a reasonably sane level (or else you’d find me sprinting down the freeway or feverishly cleaning the walls with Q-tips).

The changes are noted below.

The pie crust, which is just yellow cake mix, calls for 1 stick of melted butter, which I used (ahh!).

Here, cream cheese and canned pumpkin is whipped up. Then, the filling calls for another stick of melted butter, which I halved (using just 4 tablespoons).

Next, add powdered sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Ms. Paula demands an entire box of powdered sugar – but I poured in half that amount. Trust me, it’s plenty sweet enough with just half a box.

I chopped up some walnuts, but I imagine you can use any kind of nut. Pecan would be nice.

Now, it’s ready to bake!

Forty minutes later, buttery pumpkin perfection.

Thanks, Paula, for this (literally!) heart-stopping recipe. It’s divine!

I’m tempted to google the calorie count on this holiday monstrosity, but I’d rather not know.

My adjustments had to make it more healthy, right?

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An Albino Pumpkin

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Food & Cocktails


I’ve always wanted to buy a colorless pumpkin, and this year I did.

I’m not sure what it is I love about this little pale plumper; maybe it’s that he looks bi-racial – somewhere between a garden egg and a pumpkin.

In any case, looking at him makes me happy.

And hungry.

It makes me crave Crunchy Pumpkin Pie.

“Crunchy?” you say?

Yes, pumpkin pie just doesn’t have enough texture on its own, so I throw nuts in mine.

I think I’ll make some tonight, which means I need some pumpkin flesh.

So say goodbye to the lil’ pumpkin…

I’m kidding! I’m not going to gut my little albino friend!

I just bought the canned version. Much easier.

Stay tuned for Crunchy Pumpkin Pie…

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