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Pumpkin Gooey + A Home in the Making

by on Oct.07, 2013, under Food & Cocktails, Other Lovelies

Every autumn I bake up this rich, heavenly pumpkin dessert. It’s Paula Deen’s recipe, which means it’s soaked in butter (and cream cheese!), but I love it anyway. Especially when it’s fresh out of the oven, all warm and oozing. Ecstasy.

And here are a few quick snapshots of our casa. (It’s still sparsely decorated, which is killing me! I’ll max-out the house with color and pieces eventually.)

The dining room, a fabulous venue for my beloved mega-watt chandy.

I am beyond excited to have a spacious bedroom that affords plenty of space for McG’s lifestyle props, like her pretty bassinet…

We kept the home’s interior finishes (the cabinets, the stonework) crisp and clean—it’s a good foundation for a few garish furniture and decor ideas I have planned. I’m dying to start the first layer of color and texture in key rooms of the house. A bit of decadent wallpaper here, loud billowy curtains there… in due time!

Here’s a shot of the kitchen and my hiz, who is taking the Bjorn carrier out for a test drive. (Purnie is always a good sport!)

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Pumpkin Gooey Butter Crunch Cake… or Is It Pie?

by on Oct.19, 2010, under Food & Cocktails

I’m not sure what makes a baked good a “pie.” A gooey filling? The inclusion of crust?

This dessert uses cake mix as the crust, so it could be considered cake. But the filling is oozy like pie. 

Plus, I baked it in a tart tin, instead of a rectangular pan,  to give it pretty scalloped edges and a round shape.

So is it pie or cake?

Eh, who cares?!

It still tastes like buttery, crunchy pumpkin heaven. 

The recipe is adapted from Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes.

I threw in walnuts to give it more texture. And I made a few changes to the ingredient amounts, in an attempt to save my arteries and keep my blood sugar at a reasonably sane level (or else you’d find me sprinting down the freeway or feverishly cleaning the walls with Q-tips).

The changes are noted below.

The pie crust, which is just yellow cake mix, calls for 1 stick of melted butter, which I used (ahh!).

Here, cream cheese and canned pumpkin is whipped up. Then, the filling calls for another stick of melted butter, which I halved (using just 4 tablespoons).

Next, add powdered sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Ms. Paula demands an entire box of powdered sugar – but I poured in half that amount. Trust me, it’s plenty sweet enough with just half a box.

I chopped up some walnuts, but I imagine you can use any kind of nut. Pecan would be nice.

Now, it’s ready to bake!

Forty minutes later, buttery pumpkin perfection.

Thanks, Paula, for this (literally!) heart-stopping recipe. It’s divine!

I’m tempted to google the calorie count on this holiday monstrosity, but I’d rather not know.

My adjustments had to make it more healthy, right?

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