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Pool Party: Prosecco + Pineapple + Fruit Galore

by on May.27, 2013, under Parties & Gatherings

We love throwing little parties.

Actually, it’s me who loves shindig-hosting. My hizzy is far more simple: He likes hanging with friends, eating good food, drinking good beer, and micromanaging a meat-stacked grill.

He likes these things so he happily agrees to host whatever, whenever… even if that means he has to help his fancy-loving, obsessive wife cork bottles of pretty prosecco, pick flowers for “necessary” centerpieces and scour the grocery store for hard-to-find ingredients (so that we can serve up a seriously cool appetizer torn from the latest issue of  Bon Appetit magazine). It may be more work than he envisioned for a simple get-together with friends, but he’s game!

Of course, Memorial Day is a must-celebrate holiday, so we had to commandeer our pool deck and have some pals over for cocktails and grilling.

I was excited to make sweet-and-salty Plum and Cherry Bruschetta. I’ve been eating tons of fruit lately (totally out of character for me, but not uncommon for most people). I managed to squeeze fruit into nearly every vessel and plate on the app table.

The burgers, chicken, hot dogs, scalloped potatoes and different types of salad were strewn about on a center island. They weren’t too gorgeous to look at, so I didn’t bother snapping pics of them. Here’s a glimpse of our chums and chaotic food island…

I try to act cool with messy, spontaneous food tables, but I was itching to scoop up trash, strip the table, lay down a tablecloth, and reorganize food platters—especially the condiments!

Ahhhh! Food and plates everywhere! Mayonnaise and hummus baking in the sun!

Alright, back to an organized food spread. It’s far more pleasing… 

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‘Stars’ and ‘Stripes’ Housewarming Barbecue

by on Jul.02, 2012, under Parties & Gatherings

To fete our new condo, we invited our Austin pals over for burgers, sausages and swimming pool fun.

Glass isn’t allowed on our pool deck, but I snuck in these three champagne flutes (thanks a million, Amy!) that had been begging to be cupped and toasted for the first time.

The flutes made their debut with our lillet punch, a not-very-exact hodgepodge of gin, champagne, lime juice, grenadine, Fresca and lillet,  a French aperitif.

(Don’t worry, the punch tastes just as good in plastic cups.)

What is lillet?, you ask. I wasn’t too familiar with it either until a month ago.

It’s a blend of a few white wines (85%) and macerated liquer (15%). You can drink this liquid on the rocks or mixed with almost anything.

Living in the middle of Texas has made me crave all things nautical, especially in the summer. Hence, the starfish decor – another space-eating accessory I had stashed in the bowels of storage that were begging for new life on a party table.

The starfish and and nauty-striped straws helped bring a little bit of ocean into downtown Austin, at least for the afternoon.

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