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Rest & Indulgence

by on Dec.27, 2011, under Other Lovelies

Wishing you the happiest of holiday weeks…

I love this time, when we spend afternoons and long evenings lounging with our close ones – and by ourselves – far away from the shackles of work and laptops and email.

… when we share post-Christmas meals, drink fizzy beer, Cabernet and mugs of hot whatever.

And, of course, nibble on leftovers.

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Egg Nog Martini

by on Dec.19, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

Most people I know loathe egg nog, and loathe it with passion.

These sad souls must be five-pills-deep, Kim-Richards crazy.

Egg nog is bold, voluptuous, spiced decadence.

It’s magic in all its iterations. Whirred in a latte, baked into cookies or mixed with rum for a tipple – they’re all ideal.

This holiday dram was shaken with brandy, cinnamon tea and ice, poured into a ‘tini glass and topped with cinnamon… and a marshmallow, because I didn’t have a better, more appropriate garnish. (I know, a candy cane would’ve been prettier, but I never have any in the house. Those hard, striped sticks taste mucky and always technicolor my teeth.)

Note: Adding cinnamon tea to egg nog sounds strange, but it helped thin out the cocktail.

Because no one wants a carpet-thick, yolky ‘stache at happy hour.

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Christmas Romance

by on Dec.05, 2011, under Other Lovelies

May your week be filled with twinkling lights, soulful music, fancy drinks, and shiny playthings.


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Happy All Hollow’s Eve

by on Oct.31, 2011, under Other Lovelies

Guess which character I'm dressing as for Halloween...

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Lusty October

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Quirky Places

This picture would really capture October's aura if it was taken at nightfall, oak trees lurked in the background (not a tropical palm), and candles flickered between the pumpkins. That'd be dreamy.

October is the most romantic month of the year.

The weather dips, food turns creamier and cozier, and the world gets colored in toasty hues.

And don’t forget about those chesty gourds. Ahh, yes…

Pumpkins are at the heart of October’s lusty, candlelit drama.

As the plump, pushy mascots of October, they rouse you to eat harvest foods and carve jack-o-lanterns. And they remind you that in a few short weeks, rugrats will be banging on your door, asking for free candy.

Which is fine, because lounging on the couch watching “Dracula” and occasionally getting up to chuck candy at tiny monsters and fairies sounds like a blast to me.

Here’s to a sultry October, filled with thick red wine, dark chocolate and spicy pumpkin anything…

That's more like it.

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Purnie’s Painful Christmas

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Other Lovelies

Purnie hates the holidays.

There’s too much hubbub, with people rushing in and out of the house and Christmas carols blasting in every room. All of this disrupts his sleep.

Presents and poinsettias obstruct his pathway when he patrols the house, and the Christmas tree pricks him when he brushes against it.

Plus, someone always tries to squeeze him into a hot, garish sweater.

I had every intention of dragging P-Doodle out of the house and posing him in an outdoor nativity scene – swaddled in a cradle like Baby Jesus, of course – but the rain forced me to re-strategize.

I decided to have our photoshoot at home.

He eyeballed me as I skipped over to him with his new Christmas sweater.

“Bugger off,” he snorted.

“Oh, come on, little fella. This will be quick and painless,” I promised.

He rolled his eyes, and I slipped him into the new outfit.

He wouldn’t get near the Christmas tree, which Purnie views as a seasonal intruder who wields tiny green daggers and has a cozy fragrant scent that competes with his fish odor.

But Purnie agreed to sit by the poinsettias.

I like this one. It really captures his humpback.

He smiled – or rather, grimaced – for the camera.

But soon, he began to grow sleepy.

Amazingly, he stayed upright.

Awww, sleepy boy…

Then suddenly, he shot up – energized by thoughts of who-knows-what – and started to walk…

…backwards to the couch, where cushions awaited him…

…so he could take a proper nap.

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