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A Birthday Party

by on Nov.04, 2011, under Other Lovelies, Parties & Gatherings

A very 1920s-feeling candelabra (snapped up at a flea market a few days before!)

I had grand visions of a 1920s-themed dinner party for my birthday.

But it’s really hard to capture the era’s glamour when you live in a green wooden house with white walls that screams “country,” when I need it to purr “decadence.”

I thought about buying oodles of crystal-y beaded drapes and hanging them throughout the house – so that my pals would brush past them at the champagne table or walk through them to go out on the deck – but I decided against it.

I’ve got a wedding to save for, dammit!

Walls of crystals are not a necessity, I kept telling myself.

Still, I wish I would’ve had them…

The appetizer and champagne station

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Romantic Flowers…

by on May.13, 2011, under Other Lovelies, Parties & Gatherings

We’re throwing a big party tomorrow. I’ll yap about the party later, I’m sure, but for now, I wanted to share the oh-so-pretty flowers I got for the shindig. I picked ’em up at a  wholesale flower mart – the place where all the florists and wedding planners source their flowers, which they, of course, sell to us laypeople at a markup of 1,000%. This was my first time ever buying flowers wholesale. It’s hugely gratifying and life-changing.

Peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea – some of my faves! Actually, I really wanted cockscomb (they’re weird-looking and wavy), but those greedy little wedding planners with their team of assistants and sour faces bought up everything! I was lucky to get my hands on anything more than baby’s breath.

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I’m an Orchid Thief

by on Oct.08, 2010, under Other Lovelies

I confess: I rob nurseries of their orchids when they’re in full bloom, then after the blossoms fade, I throw them out.

I know – I’m a horrible person.

A real orchid connoisseur nurtures these delicate flowers all year long, through months and months of naked, blossomless growth. The payoff comes when, finally, the orchid sprouts its unusual petals and capsule-like center… for just 6-12 weeks, at best.

Then, these beautiful recluses go into hiding for almost a year.

Alas, I’m not an orchid lover. I’m an orchid thief who doesn’t cultivate them myself, but takes the flowers at will, and without any remorse.


I find the long hibernation period maddening.

I’ve tried to tend to orchids year-round, sticking them in hard-to-find indirect-sunlight areas, dribbling just the right amount of water at their base. But after a couple months, I get angry.

When I walk by their long, ugly, stick-supported stem, I grimace. Their petal-less existence annoys me.

Eventually, I end up tossing their comatose bodies in the garbage.

Still, I love to have orchids in my home every season.

My solution: I buy fake ones.

Check out these fakers, which I clustered as a centerpiece for my dining table.

One still has a price tag on, which I hadn’t noticed!

Whoops. Guess I’m not fooling anyone with these plastic imposters…

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