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Food for My Thighs: How to Make Pesto

by on Oct.05, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

Pesto is mushy, green, high-calorie, garlicky indulgence.

The sauce is simple to make, since it has only four ingredients: basil, whole garlic cloves, olive oil, and pine nuts.

“Those aren’t pine nuts!” you may have shrieked. Well, pine nuts are expensive – and I don’t feel like getting a second job just to afford them – so I used walnuts. It’s an acceptable substitute – Giada says so.

Back to the pesto. Here’s what I love most about it: Like a good jacket, it’s versatile. It can make love to any meat or starch. Chicken, beef, red potatoes, angel hair – heck, even brown rice. It’s good on anything ol’ edible you slap it on.

If you’re still not convinced you need to make this sauce, then just think of it as an opportunity to spend some alone time with basil, the sexiest, most hardworking herb on the planet.

My friend’s papa grows forests of basil in his backyard, and he likes to give me bushels of it when I pop in.

Ahhhhhh, basil.

Basil is the answer to everything: You can stuff it in chicken, pair it with cheese, stir-fry it with beef, or sprinkle it on soup, salad or even cocktails. The uses for it are endless.

Anyhoo, one afternoon I sprinted home with my bushels of basil, grabbed a few ingredients, whipped out my Macerator, and made pesto.

Here’s how you do it: (continue reading…)

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Summer Garden Pasta

by on Jul.14, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

I took time off from slaughtering pigs and biting the rumps off of cattle to cook something out of the ordinary: a vegetarian dish.

That’s right: a VEGETARIAN dish.

It’s completely out of character for me because I love animal meat – in fact, it’s a requirement for every meal I devour.

Vegtables are always an afterthought: If I happen to remember, I’ll throw in a few pieces of broccoli or mushroom into whatever meat slop-coction I’m making. But for the most part, my recipes are ruled by flesh.

It’s sad. My husband-in-training begs for veggies at every meal, and usually I don’t deliver. (Not counting the easy-make salad drizzled with dressing.)

But this time I did.

Oh, I delivered… MAJORLY.

I tossed up this summer garden pasta, only because I saw Giada do something similar just hours before on the Food Network. (I loves me some Giada!)

I boiled spinach pasta and tossed it with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, broccoli, toasted pecans and feta.

I really wanted to add chicken breast or chopped bacon, but I stopped myself. I thought I owed it to society to try this vegetarian thing at least once.

It was fresh, light and filling… and shockingly, I didn’t want to tear into a double burger afterward.

I have to admit: Veggie-packed meals can be pretty tasty… every blue moon.

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Beef Gross-ket

by on Feb.01, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

This is hands down the most disgusting thing I’ve ever cooked.

I’ve made some pretty boring, blah dishes in my time – as a peewee chef, back when I didn’t know the difference between cream of tartar and tartar sauce – but this hunk of meat takes top prize in the nastyville  category.

I’m posting not to pass on my recipe, but to show off the divine dish I cooked it in.

I repeat: DO NOT make this cow slop.

Here’s the ingredient lineup:

-Beef brisket on sale for $1.99 a pound (Can good meat really be that affordable? Keep reading.)

-A bunch of spices (chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, dry mustard, salt, pepper)

-5 potatoes

-A crown of broccoli broken into pieces

The process:

To prepare the meat for its ride in the Duchess, I first gave it a massage, rubbing the spices into the raw meat, and let it sit for a while.

Then I tossed the brisket into my lady to bake for an hour.

Afterward, I threw in some beef broth, broccoli and potatoes.

Because I’m too busy to read recipes in their entirety sometimes, I glossed over the recommended cooking time and, based on my rabid hunger and self-imposed early bedtime, decided that 2 hours was enough cook time.

So I pulled it out of the oven.

The meat was definitely overcooked for my liking while the potatoes were undercooked.

The brisket was fatty, but I can’t say the fat imparted much flavor. The texture of the meat was the worst part – it was like chewing on an ottoman. I think this is why people invest in expensive meat – because it DOES influence whether you want to take another bite.

Looks are deceiving: The meat was uber-tough, even though it looks perfectly succulent in the pic.

Here’s the final product…

Look at those taters! They’re so raw, I could carve a sculpture out of the flesh. And thank Allah for horseradish, which helped mask the dryness of the meat.

Yeah, I treated myself to takeout the next night.

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