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{Wander Away} Vintage Gem: Painted Bird in Silver Lake

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Other Lovelies, Quirky Places

My bestie lives in Los Jerkeles, Calif., a city that everyone seems to love, but I just can’t get into.

Yeah, yeah, L.A. has good weather and great, of-the-moment restaurants, but… eh… all of its residents are mean and snootsville!

That’s why my girlfriend is quick to tell people she doesn’t live in L.A.

Oh, no – she lives in SILVER LAKE, a dowdier, funkier, “hip” enclave of Los Angeles.

Every time I’d visit her over the years, I kind of liked S-Lake, but never really fell for it.

But after this last visit, I’m a believer, because of one shop that lives within its borders.

My GF introduced a friend and me to a magical thrift/vintage store called Painted Bird.

The shop isn’t massive; it’s perfectly sized, small enough for a clothes-lover to touch and ogle every piece the store is selling, but large enough to house dressing rooms and accommodate a steady flow of traffic. I guess this is the store’s second location (the original is in San Francisco), and the store’s owner works hard to keep the selection muy interesting and low-priced.

There were toooooo many droolsome pieces I had to buy, though I didn’t. I should’ve bought those Marc Jacobs/Beetlejuice-like skinny pants (that were only $17!), but I showed restraint. There was a massive red-velvet, gold-brocade house robe I needed to complete my life. Alas, I turned the other cheek.

And as much as I tried, I couldn’t pass up this womanly, sexpot shift…

It’s balloony and pregnancy-ready (as shifts tend to be, imo), but it’s somehow cute and sexy (and shiny!).

Take a lookie at the small puff shoulders… ahhh, so cute!

And the best feature of all, the flower petal-tipped drawstrings…

I can’t handle how adorable this frock is!

And it was only 18 bucks!

I think everything I own needs a dangly something on it. Or it needs to be silky-shiny.

Hot damn, I love this dress. I’ll wear it everywhere.

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Summer Lovin’

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Other Lovelies

My day job kept me overly busy this week, which left me zero time to make Manwiches or frolic with farm animals.

So I thought I’d share what has inspired me these past few days. They’re my two new loves: a funky swimsuit (called a “monokini”) and retro-ish orange-and-gold-heeled sandals.

These girly indulgies remind me that it’s summer – yay! – a time when the clock slows, clothes get lighter and drinks grow taller.

Hope your summer is easy and bright, wherever you are.

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