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Thirty Fun: Vodka and Nibbles

by on Jan.27, 2013, under Food & Cocktails, Parties & Gatherings

For my stellar  manpartner’s 31st birthday, we had a few pals come over for wine, prohibition-y cocktails and ho-hum, garden-variety apps.

We laid out the usual suspects: cheese, crackers, veggies, curried deviled eggs. But we unleashed the addition of something a little more awesome-sounding—salmon profiteroles…

Also in our kitchen: cilantro-sesame-teriyaki meatballs.

Here’s the b-day boy shakin’ up a vodka-elderflower-lemon juice-pomegranate elixir. Clearly the lady’s cocktail, although the boys seemed to like it too!

So back to these salmon profiteroles. It’s just a puff pastry filled with herby cream cheese, sandwiched with salmon. Pretty cheesy, I gotta say. Next time I’d add just a smear of cream cheese, not a gargantuan dollop.

Overall, it was a B- appetizer. I was dying to suck the salmon off of each one and discard the rest of the pouf, which tells me I should probably just serve sashimi or smoked salmon with toast rounds at a party. But maybe other people liked their uber-cheesiness? Not sure.

Curried deviled eggs… perfecto.

Afterward, we walked to a restaurant a block away and stuffed ourselves with horseradish-crusted salmon, chicken-fried steak, green chile cheddar grits and apple cobbler in a skillet, from what we remember, that is! (Note to self: After seven cocktails, just eat a Big Mac, since you won’t remember the meal anyway.)

Ahh, such fun!

Happy birthday, husband.

Oceans of love, always.

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A Birthday Bash for Him

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Parties & Gatherings

To celebrate my honey’s 30th year of living, I threw him a soirée jam-packed with all of his favorite things.

Golf, beer, pigs-in-a-blanket, Indian food, carrot cake – even his favorite nuts! This is what heaven tastes like to Sammy.

I had a crazy amount of fun (and a hundred moments of exhaustion!) decorating and prepping for this bash. It was so special to do this for my longtime love, who is very low-key and would never, EVER go to any length to celebrate himself. I secretly think he dug all the attention for the night, though he’ll never admit it…

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