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Two Years of Keeping Our Child Alive!

by on Oct.21, 2015, under Parties & Gatherings

Has it been two years since this crazy girl spun into our world? Wow, it has! Two years of nonstop feeding, bathing, burps, diapey changes, dress-up, plastic toys and Band-Aids. What did our life even look like before The Jas? Truthfully, I remember it well, but I dig this life too.

We don’t have slow mornings or back porch happy hours anymore, but as it turns out, AM cartoon spooning in bed and naked, post-bath, high-speed pursuits are just as fun. Jassy has an ocean of personality, strong likes (smoothies, pockets, streaking) and equal dislikes (filet mignon: “This is yucky. No like this”), and just about anything she says or does makes us heave with delirious love.

To ring in her 2nd birthday, we had our first kid party. That’s right: It was the first time we entertained more than two children in our house. So I went out and bought a garish slide, made munchkin-friendly snacks (artisan cheese plate, popcorn and fruit pouches) and a grilled cheese bar, set out a pumpkin-painting table, and put together favor bags. (I must’ve stood in the Party City aisle for an hour before deciding what to give seven one- to four-year-olds. I have zero idea how to entertain little kiddies, other than dunking them in a swimming pool.)

Halfway through the party my mom brought it to my attention that while we had enough beer and wine to intoxicate a platoon, the kids had nothing to drink. Whoops! I knew I bought apple cider and OJ for the monkeys. How the hell did I forget that??

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