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Summer Garden Pasta

by on Jul.14, 2011, under Food & Cocktails

I took time off from slaughtering pigs and biting the rumps off of cattle to cook something out of the ordinary: a vegetarian dish.

That’s right: a VEGETARIAN dish.

It’s completely out of character for me because I love animal meat – in fact, it’s a requirement for every meal I devour.

Vegtables are always an afterthought: If I happen to remember, I’ll throw in a few pieces of broccoli or mushroom into whatever meat slop-coction I’m making. But for the most part, my recipes are ruled by flesh.

It’s sad. My husband-in-training begs for veggies at every meal, and usually I don’t deliver. (Not counting the easy-make salad drizzled with dressing.)

But this time I did.

Oh, I delivered… MAJORLY.

I tossed up this summer garden pasta, only because I saw Giada do something similar just hours before on the Food Network. (I loves me some Giada!)

I boiled spinach pasta and tossed it with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, broccoli, toasted pecans and feta.

I really wanted to add chicken breast or chopped bacon, but I stopped myself. I thought I owed it to society to try this vegetarian thing at least once.

It was fresh, light and filling… and shockingly, I didn’t want to tear into a double burger afterward.

I have to admit: Veggie-packed meals can be pretty tasty… every blue moon.

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