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Stripes + Open Dining

by on Mar.24, 2014, under Other Lovelies

Our kitchen dining space is one part of our great room, and it was a naked part. The white walls had been slowly driving me insane for the past six months. I knew I couldn’t do anything too devilish to them because they had to flow with the other parts of the open space (the neighboring marbled/grey granite kitchen and the soaring family room).

So what to do with boring white walls?

Simple wooden stripes seemed to be the answer! My hiz and I ran out to Home Depot and bought thin moulding, grey paint, wood glue and a miter saw, and got to work.

We glued the painted moulding to the walls…

The dark grey color we picked turned out to be not quite right. So, in a fury, I painstakingly painted over the dark grey with a lighter, more silvery shade of grey.

After the color was corrected, it became abundantly clear that the dark table we had in the space was all wrong. A new rustic dining table with an “antique grey finish” was dropped in its place.

In all honesty, I’m still not feeling the dining table. I’m hunting for a funky, lighter-toned, round kitchen table that will better complement the chandelier.

But for now, this works!

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  • SMMS

    Genius! I love love love this! And I agree about the dining table… Ever thought of repurposing an old sturdy wooden door? That might not work if you want something round though…

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