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Rosemary Butter Cookies + 1 Month

by Wander Woman on Nov.11, 2013, under Food & Cocktails

Over the weekend, my BF made these amazing Martha Stewart Rosemary Butter Cookies for us (my best friend flew all the way from Cali to Texas to meet and bond with our new, pint-sized, much-loved addition!).

The cookies are savory, buttery and dusted with chunky specs of sugar, giving it a modest amount of sweetness.

And here’s Jassy Rae, who hit the four-week milestone this past weekend! She’s getting chunkier and more adorable (and slightly easier to care for!) by the day. As parents, we’re pretty excited we’ve been able to keep her alive, fed, burped, bathed, and thriving this past month. It’s a milestone for us too!

We love Jas’s long toes…

…And also the fantastic homemade starry-patchwork quilt given to Jas by our dear friends (thanks S+M!).

On a side note, not sure how photogs are able to snap those precious naked-baby-sleeping shots. Because as soon as I strip her down to her birthday suit, the wailing begins. They must have a heat lamp and/or Baby Zzzquil on hand to knock infants out.

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