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An Albino Pumpkin

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Food & Cocktails


I’ve always wanted to buy a colorless pumpkin, and this year I did.

I’m not sure what it is I love about this little pale plumper; maybe it’s that he looks bi-racial – somewhere between a garden egg and a pumpkin.

In any case, looking at him makes me happy.

And hungry.

It makes me crave Crunchy Pumpkin Pie.

“Crunchy?” you say?

Yes, pumpkin pie just doesn’t have enough texture on its own, so I throw nuts in mine.

I think I’ll make some tonight, which means I need some pumpkin flesh.

So say goodbye to the lil’ pumpkin…

I’m kidding! I’m not going to gut my little albino friend!

I just bought the canned version. Much easier.

Stay tuned for Crunchy Pumpkin Pie…

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  • BriannaNichole

    Not so sure about the crunchy pumpkin pie, but loving your melanin challenged friend.

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Hmmm … crunchy pumpkin pie, huh? Never thought of that! I’ll be sure to swing by to see how it turned out. I absolutely LOVE everything pumpkin-flavored, so I’m sure I’ll love it. Until I get your recipe for crunchy pumpkin pie, maybe I’ll satisfy my craving this weekend with some pumpkin yogurt and graham cracker topping at Golden Spoon. … 🙂

  • Wander Woman

    Hi Brianna and Laurie! I’m with you – isn’t anything pumpkin flavored delish? Well, most things. Pumpkin granola and pumpkin muffins – meh. But pumpkin PIE milkshakes, pumpkin PIE ice cream? It’s the “pie” part that makes it more heavenly.

  • SMMS

    I love your pumpkin friend!!! So cute…

    While canned pumpkin is sooooooooo much easier than making your own pumpkin puree, making pumpkin puree is soooooooo much easier than it seems!

    1)Just cut out the stem of your pumpkin, 2)gut all the seeds and stringy innards, 3)quarter the pumpkin and then half the quarters (to yeild 8 slices that look like canteloupe slices), 4) Put a little vegetable oil in the bottom of a baking pan large enough to fit all 8 slices, 5) Bake slices for 90 minutes at 350 degrees, then let cool, 6) scrape out flesh and blend or food process for about 3 mins, 7) take the puree and place in a cheese cloth-lined collander and let set for 10 hours or overnight to drain moisture, 8) Put puree in an air-tight container and use within a week or freeze for up to a year!

    Although there are about 7 more steps to making your own pumpkin puree than buying it canned, at least you can brag about making your own when you serve up your pumpkinny fall creations!! A perfect project for a rainy Sunday, no?

  • SMMS

    P.S., What did you name your pumpkin friend?? And is he still alive??

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