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by on Feb.16, 2015, under Food & Cocktails, Other Lovelies

For my little nugget’s V-Day event, I made these Bacon-Wrapped Honey Chicken Adobo Bites—although I had originally intended on making these Sriracha Bites, but, whoops, kids can’t eat spicy stuff. So I swapped out the sriracha and used my trusty Filipino adobo sauce as the marinade star instead (adobo is just vinegar and soy sauce). I also used turkey bacon instead of real bacon because it’s healthier, just as tasty (say, for BLTs and carbonara) and I didn’t feel like making a special trip to the store to buy one ingredient I didn’t have.

Her Valentine’s Day party at school was uber cute. The little boogers exchanged Valentines and pigged out on cookies, fruit… and Bacon-Wrapped Honey Chicken Adobo Bites.

That’s a slice of apple beneath the bite, btw. (Classic bacon companion.)

And for V-Day weekend, Hiz and I stole away to Fredericksburg (an hour from Austin) and frolicked at wineries… It was much needed!

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  • Adilson

    I lived in the mission diitrsct of San Francisco for over 30 years. Before that Los Angeles. I know Mexican food. This is German/Mexican. If people like it, thats great but don’t call it authentic. It’s not. The Port burrito was badly prepared with some colored red pork with no flavor, lettuce and a slasa that was mostly tomatoes. Cilantro? No esta! I miss Mexican food being in Berlin for 2 years. I have to make my own. Not Tex/Mex but German/Mex. Not the real chingadera!

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