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Herb + Goat Cheese Souffle

by on Apr.16, 2014, under Food & Cocktails

I have always wanted to make a soufflé.

There’s something so elegant about a dish that intimidates even the most experienced chefs, takes forever to prepare, poufs up like a hot air balloon, and is so light and airy, it hardly puts a dent in your appetite. It’s a snooty, uncooperative dish, and after making it for the first time, I’m smitten.

I made Jacques Pépin’s savory Herb and Goat Cheese Soufflé, because my manpartner gave me his cookbook as a second-tri pregnancy gift forever ago and I hadn’t yet made anything from it. And because finding ways to shove more goat cheese in my diet is a daily priority (at least it should be).

After whipping eggs, chopping herbs, melting butter and goat cheese, carefully folding in ingredients, and baking it in the oven, here’s my thought: Soufflés are really not that difficult. This dish was herbacious, cheesy and all-around stunning… but did it pouf the way it was supposed to? Was it too soft in the center?

I have no idea since this is my first experience with a soufflé. But the consensus at the table was that it tasted good. Really, really good.

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  • SMMS

    It looks divine!!! I’m so impressed!!! I’ve never made a soufflé… You’ve now given me the confidence to try 🙂

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