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Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Uncategorized

It’s Jassy’s first Halloween!

It seemed appropriate that she dress up as Count Dracula, since she sucks milk from my body insatiably, leaving me drained and battered, very similar to the vampire’s M.O.

Like all new parents, my hiz and I feel wiped out and exhausted from lack of sleep, but we’re slowly starting to get the hang of this babycare stuff.

Days blur into nights, and it seems like I spend every waking moment feeding, burping, diaper-changing and soothing my little lady, who is from what I can tell a pretty normal baby. No colic, no GERD, etc.

However, she’s an impatient and feisty feeder, a valuable morsel I learned from our lactation consultant. (There is no way I would still be breastfeeding were it not for professional help! Amen to those LCs!)

Anyhoo, we’re devouring every second we spend with Jassy Rae and are in awe of her daily achievements… her head-lifting attempts, her sweet smiles as she sleeps, her love of baths and the diaper changing table.

She’s a trip! An adorable one.

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