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An engagement gift for a special couple…

I thought basic enameled tin mugs engraved with “Bride” and “Groom” would be neat. (I know, not the most unique idea, but on tin mugs it is!)

When I took the tin mugs to the engraver, he pretty much refused to cut into them, muttering that there was no way legible, perfect letters could be etched into colored tin. I begged and pleaded and cried that it didn’t need to be perfect—a rustic look is what I was after.

A couple of days later, after he engraved “Bride,” he called and said that it looked terrible and he should just stop the project. “This is a mistake,” he groaned.

But he pushed on and engraved the second mug, because I squealed that, from the picture he sent, the mug looked outrageously PERFECT! Just as I had imagined.

This poor engraver said these were the worst engraved pieces he’s ever cut, because the letters are chipped and uneven. “I’ll never work on anything like this again. Bring me something normal to engrave,” he whined.

No way. These are pristine.

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