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Dog Party: A Birthday Dessert for Our Pooch

by on Apr.10, 2012, under Parties & Gatherings

We’re in the throes of wedding chaos – we tie the knot this weekend! – but we decided to take a short wedding time-out so that we could pamper a very important member of our family: our little stinker, Purnie.

He turned 9 last Friday, and I’ve always felt that we never celebrated him in a big way (aside from sticking a b-day hat on his head and popping a candle in a can of meat). So to fete him this year, we scooped up a seriously special, yum-yum treat: peanut butter ice cream (made for doggies) topped with Purnie’s favorite veg, shredded carrots.

He was a little confused at first, since we never let him eat off the table, but he got the hang of it.

The cannolis were for us humans, although I would’ve been just as happy wolfing down P’s peanut butter sundae. (The ice cream really doesn’t taste too different from the PB ice cream we eat. Who knew?!)

Happy birthday, little man.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • tangles

    Best pictures ever! He really does looks so regal.

  • Grouchy Gertrude

    What a beautiful dog. So Patrician!

  • Lisa

    Few things make my day as much as silly photos. Purnie just made me smile from ear to ear! So glad you guys celebrated! It’s one exciting week afterall.

  • Mo Metheny

    Oh, this is just too cute 🙂 happy birthday to Purnie!

  • Janelle

    OMYGOSH this is the CUTEST thing ever!! I love that you celebrated his birthday with delicious doggy ice cream for Purnie. Gorgeous pup! You are such a great dog mom. Also.. congrats on the wedding!! 😀 <3

  • Wander Woman

    Thanks so much, Janelle! That’s so sweet! I’m SOMETIMES a good dog mom. I really should take him on more walks and force him to socialize with other pups, even though he hates it… 🙂

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