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Creepy + Romantic Halloween Movie Night

by on Oct.27, 2012, under Parties & Gatherings

I love to watch my favorite vampire movie on the Friday before Halloween. It’s a frilly blood-sucking movie that isn’t very scary.

Nope, it’s soooo much better… oozing decadence and filled with lusty, bloody candle-lit drama.

On this night, I usually make a dinner that has some element of red to it – a bloody steak, drippy marinara or even sauced-up pizza – and light up our place with two dozen candles. Then I put on jewels and a long, flowing gown, and parade around the house and take stock of our Halloween decor (a pumpkin that hasn’t been carved because I’m too lazy, overpriced gummy pumpkins bought in a moment of weakness at Whole Foods).

My hizzy is used to this October ritual. He finds it nutty, albeit amusing. He gripes a little when I make him wear the toddler’s vampire cape I plucked from the street a few years back, but I think deep down he likes being costumed for the celebration.

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