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Vada 6 MonthsSix months, little bean!

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This Melt + a Nap

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Stuffing my face at our usual honky tonk…
Why are patty melts so damn soul-filling?! Crunchy, meaty, drippy heaven!

And a quick nap for my tiny big girl…

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10 Whole Months

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At 9 1/2 months, our Peewee took her first step. Since then, she’s been toddling about, taking 4-10 steps every day. She’s a rascal—she climbs up and down the stairs, drunkenly walks from here to there, and occasionally manhandles big brother Purnie, using him as a walker to get across the room.

She even uses other babies as walkers, grabbing them by their shirtbacks and dragging them on a walk! It’s kind of adorable!

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Happy Half Birthday, Peewee!

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Our ball of magic, Jassy Rae, hit her six-month milestone this past weekend…

For her first few months of life, I couldn’t wait for Jas to grow bigger (so I wouldn’t be so terrified of dropping/breaking/losing her).

But now that she’s a beefy six-month-old who listens, studies, turns over and belly-scoots daily, I want her to stop growing! I could cry thinking about how tiny she once was and how nearly full-grown she is now. All the sounds and sights of the early baby days—the newborn grunts and clicks, the awkward alien body that could fit in my hand—those days are nevermore. I kind of miss them (…never in a million years did I ever think I’d say that).

Yes, we are totally, utterly obsessed with our little monkey, and, at the moment, I want to do everything I can to keep her little.

I’ll probably change my tune the next time she wakes me at 3 a.m., screaming for a bottle.

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5 Months + Baby’s First Bites of Food

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Today, my little monkey turned 5 months old.

She’s such a husky thing! She can grab, pull, push, and, of course, toot like a full-grown man. So far, our most exciting milestone has been graduating from milk and adding mushy baby food to her diet…

Jassy Rae knew exactly what to do when the spoon came toward her gullet! (Probably because she had been watching us eat from her Bumbo, which we keep plopped in the middle of the dinner table.) When I aimed the spoon at her mouth, she opened wide and lapped up every last bite… although half of the food slid right back out onto her chest. (After a few more feedings she learned how to keep the food on the right side of her piehole.)

Some nights we feel too tired to feed her real food—because her bottled milk has all the nutrients she needs and she drinks plenty of that—and we think, Ah, we’ll skip baby food tonight! But then she’ll stare us down and grind her mouth in a slow chewing motion.

This girl loves food, and now that she’s had butternut squash, peas and green beans, she’s hooked.

Our mini foodie!

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Happy Birthday, Baby Daddy

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Yesterday was my hiz’s birthday.

It was his first birthday as a papa and we celebrated accordingly: Instead of throwing a wild, drunken party, we kicked back at home with our midget daughter and ate a cheap meal at a nearby diner… because we didn’t feel like driving into downtown, because we’re all battling the same cold, because my hiz just returned from a trip abroad and had no desire to do anything other than absolutely nothing.

So happy birthday, hizzy! You’ve always been a crazily loving and attentive partner, and as a father, you are even more heart-melting and selfless.

I’m blessed to have you for a thousand reasons: blessed that you share midnight feeding duties so I can have a longer stretch of sleep; that you finagled a work schedule that’s Jassy-friendly; that you never get impatient or frustrated when it comes to our baby; that you discovered her favorite way to be rocked when she’s fussy; that you still take the time to say sweet nothings and grin at me like I’m your new girlfriend, instead of your ball-and-chain baby machine.

I am filled with all-consuming love for you every day, especially on your birthday, and especially now that you’re our daughter’s daddy.

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Three Months and a Nursery

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Jassy just turned three months—she’s so big… yet still so small!

This little girl can do so much: Stuff her hands in her mouth, “talk” for hours on end (especially in the middle of the night!), grab a rattle, hold her head up on her own, and cough at will—just because she feels like it. She can’t roll over yet, but I feel like it’s coming any day now.

At the moment, we’re battling Jasper Rae’s first cold. Let me tell you, nothing is sadder than seeing your baby sniffle and cough. Hopefully this cold blows over soon…

And here’s a quick shot of Jassy’s nursery. We’re not quite finished decorating it. Plus, a few items that would ordinarily be in the nursery are in our bedroom instead (Jassy’s temporary digs, just until she starts sleeping through the night). I’ll post better shots once the nursery is finished… when she’s 10 or so.

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White Chocolate + Cranberry

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For Thanksgiving, I made these pretty and creamy white chocolate and cranberry cheesecake bars. (It was amazing to break away from mama duties and spend some time in the kitchen. So therapeutic! Plus, it reminded me that there are other things in life I am capable of doing outside of nursing.)

I’m not a big fan of white chocolate (too sweet for me!), which is probably why I only ate one or two bars and then threw in the towel. It was a logical alternative to eating pumpkin pie, because, like most people, I’m thoroughly pumpkined out by the time Turkey Day rolls around.

Hope you got fabu bargains and oodles of leisure time this holiday weekend, and gorged yourself on desserts like this.

Of course, we counted our blessings as we celebrated our little turkey’s first Thanksgiving…

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Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

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It’s Jassy’s first Halloween!

It seemed appropriate that she dress up as Count Dracula, since she sucks milk from my body insatiably, leaving me drained and battered, very similar to the vampire’s M.O.

Like all new parents, my hiz and I feel wiped out and exhausted from lack of sleep, but we’re slowly starting to get the hang of this babycare stuff.

Days blur into nights, and it seems like I spend every waking moment feeding, burping, diaper-changing and soothing my little lady, who is from what I can tell a pretty normal baby. No colic, no GERD, etc.

However, she’s an impatient and feisty feeder, a valuable morsel I learned from our lactation consultant. (There is no way I would still be breastfeeding were it not for professional help! Amen to those LCs!)

Anyhoo, we’re devouring every second we spend with Jassy Rae and are in awe of her daily achievements… her head-lifting attempts, her sweet smiles as she sleeps, her love of baths and the diaper changing table.

She’s a trip! An adorable one.

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Sweet October (… And 38 Weeks)

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I love October. It marks the true start of fall—a crisp, lush season—and brings with it the extra fantasy of pumpkin patches, over-the-top dress-up and daily candy-or-chocolate-anything indulgences.

Coincidentally, I’ll also be birthing a baby, which makes this month exponentially special.

My obstetrician is overly excited to deliver our baby. When I saw him just yesterday he exclaimed that he was ready for me to start laboring today. (I’m full-term so the baby would be fine if she was born two weeks early, he reasoned.)

“Uh, no! I have TWO more weeks to go!” I snapped.

“I need these next couple of weeks to hang tiny clothes, figure out how to swaddle, and receive everything ordered from Amazon, like our Boppy cover and those breast pad thingies.”

Cool your jets, I told him. Then I bolted out of his office, before he got the chance to induce me.

“You’re my only patient who wants to stay pregnant!” I heard my doctor holler.

My hizzy is anxiously excited for me to deliver too. He says he’s eager to meet our squirmy little lady who he has been strumming and prodding for the last several months. He’s also hoping for an early birth!

These men… they’re in such a rush.

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