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Water Lovin’ + Grub

by on Jun.22, 2016, under Other Lovelies, Quirky Places

Fishing, boating and eating. Pretty strong summer kickoff, right?
Fishing JassyFishing VadaMemorial Day FamMemorial DaySammy Girls Fathers DayTexas Chili Parlor BurgerTexas Chili Parlor Sign

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Eat, Nurse, Sleep, Repeat

by on May.09, 2016, under Food & Cocktails, Other Lovelies

KiddosGrilled Veggie FlatbreadPeewee BakingChocolate Cupcakes Avocado Choc Frosting

Who knew caring for two kids would be THIS time-consuming?! It is.

In between bathing, naps, timeouts, family visits, and nonstop nursing (yo, chub-a-lub, you’re not supposed to be nursing every two hours at 10 weeks of age!), we try to find time to cook good food.

Jas helped bake for the first time. She’s a psychotic little sous chef, always trying to spill or pitch ingredients.

We made these chocolate cupcakes with healthy avocado frosting. They were pretty good for being butterless and, in my head, the full-fat cupcakes (the cake part) made for a guilt-free, get-my-flatish-belly-back dessert.

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It’s a Gal!

by on Mar.11, 2016, under Other Lovelies

This little chicken came into the world nearly two weeks ago. Vada Rose Marilu, born February 27 at 4:32 pm, weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and stretching 20 inches long. We’re smitten with her…
VadaJas Vadaphoto

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A Winter Hike

by on Feb.15, 2016, under Other Lovelies

It’s not feeling like winter lately, but we’ll take it. We trekked through the wild and drank up the 78-degree weekend.

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Almost There

by on Feb.08, 2016, under Other Lovelies

Just a few more weeks until we give this chica a sibling.

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Oh, Hey, 2016…

by on Jan.13, 2016, under Other Lovelies

Starting the New Year off right with a family trip to Vegas (my best came too—so groovy!) and some not-so-healthy eats…

To make up for inhaling a soul-filling 4,000-calorie Deep-Fried Snickers Sundae at Serendipity 3 in Vegas (THE MOST INCREDIBLE DESSERT IN LIFE! I still can’t stop thinking about it!), I’m embracing a salad-heavy diet back home.

I stole and made this recipe for a Mean Green Detox Salad and promptly felt better…

Unrelatedly, my daughter’s hair is killer. She gets it from her daddy…

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Fugs to Funk: Staining Our Concrete Foundation

by on Oct.08, 2015, under Other Lovelies

This was the easiest project ever.

For the past two years, we’ve been detesting the ugly unfinished concrete foundation on the back of our house. It’s 10 feet tall in some parts, making it pretty friggin’ noticeable when you’re on the west side of our backyard looking toward the house.

To turn this eyesore into a brash backdrop, we considered covering it in stone, brick or metal (that would’ve been awesome), but decided in the interest of time and money that we’d stain the foundation instead. We mulled over stain colors for weeks, and one Sunday afternoon attacked the Great Wall of Concrete with gallons of gunmetal grey concrete stain. It only took one coat to fully cover the foundation (we’ll see if it starts to chip and begs for another coat).

We dig, dig, dig how it turned out! It gave our run-of-the-mill home a tight, two-toned look and looks pretty wicked against the pool deck.

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