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Savory Sage-Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

by on Nov.22, 2016, under Food & Cocktails

I always make sweet potatoes that taste like dessert, but I deviated from tradition and tried a new recipe for our Churchgiving potluck. Gruyere cheese and garlic-herb butter are stunning in anything, but especially in this dish! I added rosemary because I could only muster up three sage leaves from my herb garden… savorysweetpotatoes


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Eat, Nurse, Sleep, Repeat

by on May.09, 2016, under Food & Cocktails, Other Lovelies

KiddosGrilled Veggie FlatbreadPeewee BakingChocolate Cupcakes Avocado Choc Frosting

Who knew caring for two kids would be THIS time-consuming?! It is.

In between bathing, naps, timeouts, family visits, and nonstop nursing (yo, chub-a-lub, you’re not supposed to be nursing every two hours at 10 weeks of age!), we try to find time to cook good food.

Jas helped bake for the first time. She’s a psychotic little sous chef, always trying to spill or pitch ingredients.

We made these chocolate cupcakes with healthy avocado frosting. They were pretty good for being butterless and, in my head, the full-fat cupcakes (the cake part) made for a guilt-free, get-my-flatish-belly-back dessert.

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More Food, Because That’s What I’m Diggin’ Right Now

by on Feb.02, 2016, under Food & Cocktails

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for meaty main dishes. I tried my hand at this Sage-Crusted Standing Rib Roast (it was awesome)…

And a new bakery in East Austin that cooks up amazing carrot cake, blondies and peanut butter-chocolate-sea salt cookies…

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This Leek Appetizer

by on Jan.25, 2016, under Food & Cocktails

Whoa my gawd, this is the most convenient munchie to make. My best made this appetizer for us last month and I couldn’t stop thinking about what it tasted like in my mouth. So I  cooked up this speedy little app over the weekend.

Sautée sliced leeks in butter and olive oil, sprinkle on salt and pepper while leeks are cooking, then cook a little while longer with splashes of white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar (but not too much otherwise it’ll overpower the flavor of the leeks).

Throw cooked leeks over baguette slices smeared with goat cheese.

That’s it! Easiest, most perfect app ever.

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Late December

by on Dec.27, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

Tons of food, togetherness, karaoke, old cultural traditions and new ‘ditions for our little family. That’s what the holidays mean to us.Preparing lumpia on Christmas Eve is a Filipino must-do. These gents—the best Asian egg roll you’ll EVER have—go fast. I inhaled nine in under 30 minutes…Gifts are stored atop the fridge, away from the violent, curious hands of our two-year-old…

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Christmas Crack

by on Dec.16, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

This recipe for Christmas Crack (also called White Trash Toffee—whichever name you like best).
It’s Peewee-approved!

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Cocoa Beast

by on Dec.07, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

The first time I had orgasmic hot chocolate was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at a fancy, fussy chocolate shop called Burdick. It was below 10 degrees outside and their fresh, steaming mug of thick cocoa tasted planets better than the powdered shit I had known all my life. Ever since then I’ve come to love homemade hot chocolate—you know, the kind that uses real melted chocolate?!

Here’s some Sea Salt Hot Chocolate with Butterscotch Whipped Cream we made the other night. It has melted dark chocolate and milk chocolate, whole milk, whipping cream, vanilla extract, a little sugar, and Maldon sea salt, topped with whipped cream whisked with melted butterscotch. So swoony and rich, a tiny ol’ cup is all you need.

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Spooky Wooky H’ween Pumpkin Truffles

by on Oct.30, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

I made these little effers for my daughter’s Halloween party at school. I’m pretty proud of them! They’re white chocolate pumpkin truffles. The red decorating gel adds jarring, unneeded sweetness, but the rest of the truffle tasted pretty good.

Think a bunch of two-year-olds appreciated the delicate artistry of my work? (I know, I’m Duff Freaking Goldman from “Ace of Cakes” because I was able to squirt on some eye veins. I’m convinced I should open my own bakery because I can buy the right ingredients and follow a recipe without mucking it up.)

Nope, the kids didn’t give these truffles a second look! Not scared, not impressed… nothing.

I really need to warm up to less time-consuming desserts and apps for my munchkin’s parties. She and her little friends are just as happy eating crap store-bought cookies—or their own boogers, even.

But it was a fun little dessert project.

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{Wandering} Eating Our Way Through Japan

by on Aug.04, 2015, under Food & Cocktails, Quirky Places

My hiz’s job has been taking him to some pretty groovy places. One week last month he had meetings in Yokohama, so I met him in Tokyo the second he was free. It was a fast-moving, foodie-paradise trip where we bounced like youngens from city to city—just the two of us…

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Outside + Grilled, Stuffed Zucchini

by on May.22, 2015, under Food & Cocktails

Lawn art in New Braunfels…

A first for me: low-carb cooking! This would be stuffed zucchini (it’s just sauteed peppers, onions, garlic, goat cheese, and tomato-y chicken, with a gob of fresh jalapeno hummus).

And The Rusty Mule, a new favorite beer and music stop in our ‘hood.

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