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Birthday Beer Bottle Labels: Psychotic or Cute?

by on Jan.27, 2012, under Parties & Gatherings

We’re having a bash this weekend to celebrate my fiance’s big 3-0 milestone, and I figured beer bottle labels were a cutesy, subtle last-minute touch I could pull off.

Sure, you can order personalized label stickers from a professional site, but I thought, “Hmm. How hard could this label thing be? I’ll just do it myself.”

I reconned party blogs and learned that you only need a few basic ingredients to create a label: paper, a printer, clear tape and scissors.

I printed the birthday message on manly leather-like paper, cut the greeting into strips, taped both sides to waterproof the label, then fastened the cuff around the bottle with another piece of tape. Duuunzo!

As I was doing this project, my mom walked by and glared at my craft set-up. “That’s psychotic… and obsessive,” she snickered, and walked away.

Maybe these name-y, personalized details are psychotic, and totally unnecessary, but they can be charming when added to a party in moderation. Plus, I’m a bit psychotic and obsessive myself, so unnecessary crafting suits me just fine.

The total cost of this lil’ project was 99 cents (for the sheet of paper), which leaves me plenty of moola to devote to food and liquor.

I admit, the labels don’t look as fantabulous as the professionally printed sticker-style ones, but, eh, our guests will probably chug the beers without even noticing the birthday cuff.

No harm, no foul!

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Mo Metheny

    great idea! as I said, you are SO resourceful
    Happy Birthday Sammy!!

  • Wander Woman

    Thanks, Mo! Who knew crafting could be so gratifying?! Quilting and party decor-crafting are the best hobbies a woman could have!

  • SMMS

    I love these! It’s totally psychotic but simultaneously cute;)

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