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A Sunday Picnic

by on Jun.23, 2011, under Food & Cocktails, Parties & Gatherings

Last Sunday, a few friends and I gathered for a leisurely, snacky picnic.

I called it our “Fatherless Day” picnic, because only children of deceased or absent dads were invited. Sounds morbid, but it was uplifting and cathartic; like an outdoor therapy session with lots of bubbly.

Our small group trekked to Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula and set up shop on the picnic grounds.

We chomped on cheese, crackers, pasta salad and chocolates, and told stories about our papas.

I had every intention of laying out a picnic blanket and lounging on blades of grass, but as soon as we laid the blanket down, hundreds of leafhoppers and other itchy insects started picnicking with us. Ick!

We didn’t want to battle jumpy pests all afternoon, so we relocated to a nearby table. This was difficult for me, since I had grand visions of a decadent, ground-level picnic.

Alas, I settled for a table-and-chairs picnic.

Bonus: The chairs made perfect anchors for the bunting I cobbled together a few weeks ago. (“Bunting” is that fabric banner that’s hanging from the chairs.)

I chopped up an old shirt to make that festive doodad. I think it turned out a little wonky, but I’m pretty friggin’ proud of it. Check her out…

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  • Donna Burt

    I love the fact that you had a picnic with your friends and the picnic basket…. ahhhhhhhhh I am actually so thrilled that you two like the picnic basket so much. I must say, I was really happy at how well it turned out and I had fun putting it together. Don and I hope you two will put it to use on many occasions… of course, always with as much love as you have for each other now. We are so happy for you and just think the world of both of you!!!!! Love ya… Don and Donna

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