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The Token Maternity Shot (… Hey, We’re 39 Weeks!)

by Wander Woman on Oct.10, 2013, under Other Lovelies

Maternity shots of pregnant women frolicking in fields—half-naked or bare bellied with their husbands feeling them up—always made me cringe (or laugh uncontrollably).

Some are done tastefully, but most give me the willies. They’re either too sexy, too posed, too cheesy, or just plain too much. To my hiz’s relief, I decided not to partake in that photo ritual.

But now that we’re in the final days of pregnancy, I fear that I may regret not having that obligatory bump pic of my proud partner creepily rubbing the unborn fruit he helped create. So I made my hiz sit in for a quick belly-rub shot…

Sammy looks like he’s getting ready to throw a football! And I look mildly amused, or maybe sleepy.

And just in case I want to remember what my submarine belly looked like in her birthday suit, here she is…

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  • SMMS

    You’re about to pop! You can’t even see your outtie anymore because your submarine has pushed past it! And of course, you look absolutely adorable :) I love that you and hiz are wearing matching outfits.

  • tangles

    Thank you for not giving me pics to make fun of you for! These are adorbs and tasteful! I can’t wait for pics of the little babe soon. Love you guys!

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