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5 Months + Baby’s First Bites of Food

by on Mar.12, 2014, under Uncategorized

Today, my little monkey turned 5 months old.

She’s such a husky thing! She can grab, pull, push, and, of course, toot like a full-grown man. So far, our most exciting milestone has been graduating from milk and adding mushy baby food to her diet…

Jassy Rae knew exactly what to do when the spoon came toward her gullet! (Probably because she had been watching us eat from her Bumbo, which we keep plopped in the middle of the dinner table.) When I aimed the spoon at her mouth, she opened wide and lapped up every last bite… although half of the food slid right back out onto her chest. (After a few more feedings she learned how to keep the food on the right side of her piehole.)

Some nights we feel too tired to feed her real food—because her bottled milk has all the nutrients she needs and she drinks plenty of that—and we think, Ah, we’ll skip baby food tonight! But then she’ll stare us down and grind her mouth in a slow chewing motion.

This girl loves food, and now that she’s had butternut squash, peas and green beans, she’s hooked.

Our mini foodie!

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