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Serious Beef

by Wander Woman on Oct.30, 2014

Took a quickie road trip from Austin, through the dry plains of Central Texas, on to Lubbock.

Along the way, we pitstopped at a cattle ranch-slash-restaurant in Buffalo Gap that always gets a ton of praise from the beef-eatin’ folks in the state.

Eating melty filet in a twinkling wood cabin?!

Pretty incredible.

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About & Out

by Wander Woman on Oct.24, 2014

Feel-good street art.

And dream digs…

Walked past this modern, window-filled home and my heart launched through my chest, tumbled and beat its way to the front door.

The white, the Deco house number, the kinda-hidden-but-not-really front porch…

Must have. One day…

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On the Wall

by Wander Woman on Oct.02, 2014

This portrait of our monkey, which hangs next to her crib, is the sweetest.

It was a super special baptism gift from her godmama, Mishel.

The artist used pen and ink with washes of watercolor.

I just love this image of Jasper.

It captures, very softly, her wild child spirit…

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Everyone’s Favorite Sandwich

by Wander Woman on Sep.18, 2014

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

Like I really need a reason to shove a burger down my throat. It’s what I do every week anyway.

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Small Biscuits… and 11 Months

by Wander Woman on Sep.15, 2014

Venison biscuits at Odd Duck, this newish small-plates place in South Austin. Not a fan of small plates (I hate having to order 5 menu items that all have entree price tags), but this dish was reasonably satisfying… paired with five more plates.

And how cute is this dinosaur-toy-with-its-spine-carved-out planter?!

I think I need to mutilate one of Jassy’s toys and turn it into something with adult purpose.

Just last week our Peewee hit the 11-month mark. She’s a busy body—climbing up and down the stairs, running laps around the house and restaurant interiors. And she has three whole teeth: Two on the bottom and one on the top, with another big upper tooth is about to make its debut.

What else?

Jas jibber-jabbers constantly. Her wake-up chit-chat with herself makes my heart dip. I listen to her through the baby monitor and wonder what thoughts are bouncing around her mushrooming mind. (Probably something to do with wanting a bottle or scheming up a crib escape. I’d like to think she’s admiring her Chinoiserie wallpaper… maybe she is.)

She is consistently sleeping through the night (till 7am-ish), which is amaaaazing. And as far as foods go, she likes anything she can eat with her hands: baby meatballs, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, sweet potato chunks, any type of fruit. Doesn’t care for more than 5 bites of oatmeal (which comes on a spoon) or sitting in a highchair for longer than 7 minutes. She finishes most of her meals while on the run (I follow her around jamming chunks of food in her mouth) or on my hip.

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Texas Kicks

by Wander Woman on Sep.03, 2014

Now that she’s a walking machine, Peewee needs to wear shoes pretty much full-time.

We have a crush on Jassy’s first pair of cowboy boots from sweet Kuya (our great cousin) Caitlin. Oh, how we need these now!

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10 Whole Months

by Wander Woman on Aug.14, 2014

At 9 1/2 months, our Peewee took her first step. Since then, she’s been toddling about, taking 4-10 steps every day. She’s a rascal—she climbs up and down the stairs, drunkenly walks from here to there, and occasionally manhandles big brother Purnie, using him as a walker to get across the room.

She even uses other babies as walkers, grabbing them by their shirtbacks and dragging them on a walk! It’s kind of adorable!

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A Texas Summer

by Wander Woman on Aug.12, 2014

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