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Bore Snore Lucky Charms Treats

by Wander Woman on Mar.17, 2015

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like leprechaun-themed cereal, am I right??

I forgot to add green food coloring to the marshmallow so they’re not as St. Patty’s Day-themed as they could be… Oh, well. They taste the same either way.

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Oysters in ATX

by Wander Woman on Mar.13, 2015

We hit up the Austin Oyster Festival a couple of weekends ago—when an ice storm engulfed the city, leaving us shivering in 30 degree weather!

Baked, grilled, fried, Rockefeller, Vietnamese-style… there were all kinds of oysters, if you got ‘em before they ran out. Turns out even arctic temps can’t stop this town from partying al fresco.

There was one heater in the whole festival… brrr. We ended up warming up in our car halfway through the fun. Lines were sizeable to pick up oysters, but—bonus!—they gave out free beer to compensate for long waits. We slurped down at least four free beers at the festival! Amaaaze.

And here’s a warm coffee from a bar that opened in South Austin a while back, Radio Coffee & Beer. Love it there…

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Love-Themed Stuff

by Wander Woman on Feb.16, 2015

For my little nugget’s V-Day event, I made these Bacon-Wrapped Honey Chicken Adobo Bites—although I had originally intended on making these Sriracha Bites, but, whoops, kids can’t eat spicy stuff. So I swapped out the sriracha and used my trusty Filipino adobo sauce as the marinade star instead (adobo is just vinegar and soy sauce). I also used turkey bacon instead of real bacon because it’s healthier, just as tasty (say, for BLTs and carbonara) and I didn’t feel like making a special trip to the store to buy one ingredient I didn’t have.

Her Valentine’s Day party at school was uber cute. The little boogers exchanged Valentines and pigged out on cookies, fruit… and Bacon-Wrapped Honey Chicken Adobo Bites.

That’s a slice of apple beneath the bite, btw. (Classic bacon companion.)

And for V-Day weekend, Hiz and I stole away to Fredericksburg (an hour from Austin) and frolicked at wineries… It was much needed!

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Weekend Chomps

by Wander Woman on Feb.02, 2015

This past weekend was a slow one…well, slow for us, since we seem to always be zooming at light speed through life.

On one rainy night we baked these S’mores Cookies and inhaled them relentlessly while imbibing the last episodes of “The Fall” (best show ever because it stars Scully).

And we brought this Layered Seafood Dip to our friends’ Super Bowl partay. (I ditched the weirdo lettuce and used sautéed bell peppers instead.)

I can’t stop thinking about the dip! Shrimp, crab, cheese, cocktail sauce, tomatoes… so simple and yumzies, even to people who are squeamish about shellfish (who are these crazies?!).

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Good Face

by Wander Woman on Jan.30, 2015

This wallpaper knocks it way out of the park in every way. Found in a bar bathroom…

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Eggs Galore

by Wander Woman on Jan.19, 2015

Deviled eggs for a mid-afternoon snack and “breakfast salad” as the day’s first meal…

To make the breakfast salad, we threw in chunks of hardboiled egg, chopped bacon, tomato, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and croutons over romaine, then added an easy-to-make yogurt and champagne dressing.

Why breakfast salad?

When you have a crate of lettuce and not enough meals to eat it up, breakfast salad to the rescue!

My hiz was like, “Salad for breakfast? Meh. Count me out.”

But then he would’ve starved, cuz I ain’t the kind of wife who makes her hubby special meals. And he wasn’t about to venture into the kitchen to make his own meal. So he ate it reluctantly… and actually loved it!

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December Bites

by Wander Woman on Dec.23, 2014

I’ve done more dessert-making in the past week than I’ve done in the last year.

I made these “Magic Eight Bars” for hiz’s work team, and they’re pretty good. (Seriously sweet, though!) I also baked up the requisite chocolate chip cookies and peanut buttery buckeye balls… and now I’m totally, utterly sick of eating sweets.

In Jasper Land, I was over-the-top excited to take a day off work to ferry my tiny one around to her holiday events. This chick has a busier social life than I do!

I eagerly signed up to make meatballs for her classroom party (because protein is important in a baby’s diet, and I like meatballs a lot).

On the day of the party, I labored over these orange-glazed turkey meatballs…

I was crazily anticipating all the toddlers running to the food table to nosh on these meaty, sweet munchies.

And, whoops….

We showed up 15 minutes late to the party, thinking it was no big deal, since soirees never start on time anyway.


Kiddie parties start at the scheduled time, if not EARLY.

The kids had already eaten in that 15-minute window of time and were on to their playtime activities.

Such a bummer!

None of the monkeys wanted my meatballs!

Jassy humored her unpunctual mama and nibbled on a few meatballs while the party raged around her.

Needless to say, we had meatballs for dinner that night. And for lunch the next day, and the week after that…

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Jasper’s Uber Fun First Birthday

by Wander Woman on Dec.16, 2014

It has been sooo long since I last posted! Life and Halloween and Turkey Day capers has swallowed all of my time and energy for weeks.

But I’m finally here to blog about happenings this past season.

Here’s a recap of Jassy’s super special first birthday back in October. She likes animals, so we celebrated with a pony party (and lots of beer and whiskey cocktails for the grown-ups).

Piglets would’ve been cute, too, but she’s such a rough lil’ lady, she’d probably end up maiming the poor piggies.

Jas went bananas for the ponies, and since then attempts to ride everything she can squeeze her legs around, like dogs, parents, UPS boxes, and laundry heaps…

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Serious Beef

by Wander Woman on Oct.30, 2014

Took a quickie road trip from Austin, through the dry plains of Central Texas, on to Lubbock.

Along the way, we pitstopped at a cattle ranch-slash-restaurant in Buffalo Gap that always gets a ton of praise from the beef-eatin’ folks in the state.

Eating melty filet in a twinkling wood cabin?!

Pretty incredible.

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