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Weekend Happenings

by Wander Woman on Jul.28, 2014

For once, I took my beloved ball-and-chain on a business trip with me.

We hightailed it to Houston for my work thingie, and Hizzy followed me around lovingly and patiently, waiting for my schedule to clear, biding time at the bar and by the pool—doing the leisurely things I usually do while waiting for him on biznass trips.

He’s clearly uncomfortable with this turn of events. (Not really. He loved it.)

While we were in Houston, we mosied through the Museum District…

Broken Obelisk at Rothko Chapel

Flavin Installation at Richmond Hall

And had deelish meals at restaurants, including this shrimp ‘n’ grits from Underbelly

But we missed our monkey unbearably, and zoomed home as quick as we could so we could touch her, smell her and partake in her chubby existence.

Because it’s summertime in Texas, we try to spend all of our waking hours in the pool…

That’s how we spent Sunday Funday with Jas.

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Lemony Singapore Noodles + 9 Months

by Wander Woman on Jul.21, 2014

Singapore noodles is a fave for me. It’s a simple dish of stir-fried rice noodles with veggies (green beans, squash and carrots in this iteration), chicken (or shrimp or pork), and lots of curry seasoning. I usually make mine with lots of fresh lemon juice and garnish it with even more lemon, to brighten the flavors and, coincidentally, to give the dish a summer spin.

And, of course, here’s my all-too-mobile ball of magic…

Last week, my baby gal turned 9 months! She’s about to walk (we’re guessing), since she likes to shoo our hands away when we try to help her walk and, instead, prefers to teeter on her own. Peewee’s pretty assertive (she may be a bully), loves to eat just about anything (although she still has no teeth!), and is basically an easy, self-possessed little monkey.

This is her serious face (above). It means she 1) demands food even though she ate just two hours earlier and will cry hysterically until she gets it, 2) needs a nap, or 3) wants to ride on my hip for an indefinite amount of time, preventing me from doing anything around the house that requires two hands.

I love this face, even if it portends tears and extra parenting work in the hour that follows.

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Pappardelle with Oysters

by Wander Woman on Jul.10, 2014

Oysters + garlic + olive oil + lemon juice + chile flakes + parma cheese + basil + pappardelle.

A bliss-y weeknight meal.

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by Wander Woman on Jul.02, 2014

A couple of soulful finds…

A quiet local getaway.

And I’ll never stop obsessing over really good cocktails, like the Guajillo Manhattan and Thirsty Bird (fave by a long shot) at Chavez.

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by Wander Woman on Jun.24, 2014

I haven’t been blogging much. I’m trying to disconnect with the outside world, because I need to work on my inside world. My family, and especially myself.

Sometime in the last several months, I lost something. A fire, a curiosity, faith in the good of people and life, in general. I grew scared of what could happen to my daughter when I wasn’t with her, and fear and worry has started to swallow my soul.

Something has to change.

I’m trying to slow down and rediscover something deep inside, a state of mind that I once had a long time ago. To be in tune with the rhythm of life. To be present in every moment and co-exist with nature and my surroundings, mindfully and appreciatively.

It will take time, but a connection and intimacy with the universe is something I really miss.

Swimming hole Sunday... Snapping a shot of our time together runs contrary to being present in the moment. I know.

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Chinoiserie Walls + 8 Months

by Wander Woman on Jun.15, 2014

We finally slathered on Jasper Rae’s wallpaper, and we love it…

Eight months already—what a fast ride! JR is still toothless, but she crawls, pulls up, stands, nearly walks, ma-ma-mas and da-da-das constantly, and eats like a starved man.

She’s practically full-grown.

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by Wander Woman on Jun.06, 2014

I’ve been extremely unmotivated/too consumed with baby-family-life happenings to post anything worthwhile. But a pig-out meal is always good eye candy…

I was given a big gift card to my fave food truck (best gift ever!), and we’ve been slowly noshing our way through it… Obsessed with this truck.

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South Congress + 7 Months

by Wander Woman on May.21, 2014

Good ol’ SoCo—always the perfect place to laze around with a cold one on a patio. It’s quintessential Austin.

On the homefront, Peewee is finally full-on crawling (not just belly scooting), and she’s a maniac! She zooms all over the family room, until she knocks her head on a piece of furniture and desperately cries for someone to save her.

Although she just started truly crawling a few days ago, she’s already eager to walk! She pulls herself up every chance she gets! She’ll grab onto anything—my hand, the couch, her toy, even Purnie! Anything remotely vertical is her makeshift walker.

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Cruisin’ for Our First Mama’s Day

by Wander Woman on May.12, 2014

Mother’s Day weekend with my chunky Peewee, husband and Lola was groovy.

We boated away with our fun new friends on an overnight cruise to nowhere (the grandmas came too!). We sailed around the Gulf of Mexico, and I can’t say we saw anything much other than the innards and outtards of the fancy ship.

On Mama’s Day morning, Peewee (aka, her daddy) gave me a fabu necklace. I love, love, love it!

And while Jassy has my heart every second of the day, I’m not on board with wearing hearts anywhere on my body. (It’s like wearing Disney propaganda. Way too mommy for me.) Plus, as an October baby, I’ve adopted opal as Jassy’s birth stone, not that purple tourmaline stuff.

Luckily, my husband knows all too well how outrageously picky I am with anything, and he’s more than happy to solder off that stony heart for me. Hurray.

This mom club truly is heart-melting. I feel like I’m about to explode with maddening love for Jas almost every hour. Sometimes you feel like you’re losing your mind—it’s that all-encompassing. It’s like falling in love. I just can’t get enough of her soft, roll-y body, her big eyes and lips, her da-da-das—even her poop! I want it all.

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Breakfast Spaghetti

by Wander Woman on May.04, 2014

I dream about pasta every night.

Sometimes I’ll wake and make a plate of it for breakfast.

This latest version of Breakfast Spaghetti is easy: Just cook crumbled sausage, remove from skillet, then sautée lots of garlic (at least 5 cloves), chopped onion and tomato in the sausage-greased skillet. In a bowl, mix 3-4 eggs, half-and-half and a good amount of parmesan cheese. Meanwhile, you should be boiling water and cooking a gargantuan amount of spaghetti.

When the spaghetti is al dente, dump the pasta in the skillet and top with egg mixture. Add crumbled sausage back to the skillet, then toss the noodles thoroughly until egg is mostly cooked through (noodles should be glossy, not dry as a bucket of sand and cooked to death).

Sprinkle copious amounts of chopped basil over the top, and, just like that, you have a perfect, filling Sunday brunch pasta.

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